Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iPhone, iPod, and the Window Video System Display

Shortly after I launched into projected Digital Signage, or Window Video Systems (WVS), I realized I needed to create a demonstration method for WVS that was portable and fast to set up. So I created this product which is now a kit that we sell for showing a Video Demonstration using rear projection.

I didn't realize I was creating a product at the time, but since then, it dawned on me how superior a larger screen for showing video or still graphics is, to say, showing your client or prospect your graphic on a computer screen. Many images just scream out for size, and the computer screen often just doesn't do justice. So the next best thing might be to run the image to a TV, or use the large conference room projector, but that is often such a hassle.

Well now, you can leverage your iPhone (that ultimate business tool) or iPod, or now, your Android phone to do Video presentations. Here is the marketing video we put together for the 2-foot Video Display screen for the iPhone.

Intrigue and Attraction are 2 of the most powerful elements of any presentation or display. This video illustrates how even in a presentation-style display, the intrigue of rear-projected images take your images from commonplace to "WOW". And it runs on an iPhone or iPod??? That's nuts! But it's really fun and potentially very powerful for more effectively conveying a sales message, or any other type of video or still graphic presentation.

This is just a small demonstrator version of the larger window video systems we are pioneering, some of which you've seen on our website or Youtube. Interested to know your thoughts.

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