Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Thing about TV in your window

Although LCD screens are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the retail environment, it is still somewhat novel to see an LCD mounted in a store window.  Even more novel is seeing one with anything compelling or interesting.

Having already done enough nitpicking at the shortcomings of many DOOH and DS displays in terms of their content and messaging, let me take the opposite tack:

If you've got a screen up, AT LEAST YOU'RE IN THE GAME!!!

You can't talk on the phone unless you dial.  You can't watch a good movie unless you get out to the theater or put something on your tv screen.  And you can't create an exciting digital display unless you get started.  Sure, everyone's seen LCD screens everywhere.  Sure, much of the content isn't that great.  But YOUR content will never be great unless you get the delivery system installed, and start using it!

Digital Signage, in nearly all forms, has the potential to be extremely powerful, because it is change-able, manipulatable, with endless possibilities.  And those message possibilities are, typically, cost effective.  You can get them up there quickly, without hanging signage, without ladders, and without delay.  If one campaign isn't "working", DS lets you get the next one up there instantly.  There's no sitting around thinking about it.  You develop campaigns as you get the ideas and implement them sequentially whenever necessary, eliminating the immense waste of LOST TIME!  And there is nothing more expensive than LOST TIME.

You think that by not getting around to changing your ineffective display, by not making an immediate investment in your message (whether financially, or investing the time and effort to implement a more effective display campaign) that you are somehow saving money???  WRONG.  The cost of that lost opportunity, or worse, business driven away to your competitors by your poor display, is perhaps the greatest threat to your business.

Digital Signage in your window is not only your friend, it is your very powerful friend.

For non-digital signage and messaging, that inability to change quickly and inexpensively is costing you.  Get your DS working and keep it working.  There is no more powerful marketing tool available in display than Digital Signage.  Invest in strategy and image delivery.  Focus on your selling proposition and how to enhance or re-create it.  Get the Message working!

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