Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Change and Motion

One of the great advantages of Digital Signage is that you have the ability to change message.  This does wonders for the sheer volume of messaging afforded to the messager; but it is not by any means the only advantage.

Research has shown that while ongoing motion in images and messaging does not necessarily add to attraction, the onset of motion definitely increases attraction in viewers.

So a big part of the power of Digital Signage is the ability to attract attention by using motion onset, or by the motion inherent in the changing of the message from one message (or screen) to the next.

This, in itself, is a quantum leap for advertisers, display, and other visual communicators.
As this video of the Digital Mannequin illustrates, when that "live" model is up front, doing her thing, the rest of the window display tends to fall out of your view.  That is an example of how overwhelmingly powerful a little change and motion can be in retail and commercial messaging environments.

The projected digital signage systems we use, Window Video Systems (WVS,) allow full motion video, static type messages, limited motion graphics or any combination of all three.

With WVS, change and motion in your messages virtually GUARANTEES eyeballs!  At that point, the only thing limiting your success in selling is whether you can put a selling proposition up there that people are interested in!

Don't worry if you don't have a graphics department.  We provide digital content production and messaging, as do many others.  What matters is putting change and motion to work for you to sell more.

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