Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Casio Digital Signage - Failing its way to Success

Casio just announced its new counter-top digital signage products, which, interestingly, use projection.  Being a projected digital signage fan (Looknglas, Window Video Systems) I am intrigued by their product intro, and the concept.

While these little boxes may not come across that exciting, they are an interesting step in what I believe is a very good direction.  Sure, the execution is not super exciting; frankly, kind of cheesy if you really want to know my opinion.  But, exciting at the same time!  Why?  Because they represent an ongoing effort to innovate digital signage at Point of Sale, in an easy to use solution.

I do agree with Dave Haynes' (Sixteen Nine) feelings about the product from a strictly unbiased point of view.  But my problem is that I am not unbiased!  I am all about projection as a digital signage solution, and I am aware of the obstacles the method needs to overcome.  But this is an honest effort.  The solution may not be super effective, but it is a good try.  I think Casio can do a lot better.  The method has a very big upside.

The images and even the packaging are not there yet.  But the thing to remember with any device like this is that the content and ease of use are the most important things.  The design of the device itself can easily be improved.

So, while I am not enamored of this device in its current iteration, I applaud Casio for the effort, and urge them to keep at it.  This is a good step in a good direction for POS merchandising, messaging and display.  What do you think?


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