Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selling WVS: Know Your Market, Know Your Strengths

We have get inquiries from all over the world about our Window Video Systems: Digital Mannequin, Digital Windows, Digital Banners. Everybody loves WVS. Some think it's alchemy; some think anyone can do it. Some think the world will beat a path to their door if they can just secure the rights to market our proprietary systems in their country, region or niche.

WVS will transform messaging and display in the retail space in particular, but other venues as well. But understanding the strengths and limitations of WVS, where it works well and where it won't is essential to making money with WVS.

Remember, it's hardware, content, proper installation, and method. It's knowing the value and potential for Return on Investment that wins the game and makes money.

Launching a new media is not for the weak of heart.

Everybody likes what they see, but not many really understand exactly how it will benefit them, and when you are selling WVS, it's up to you to demonstrate that. Fortunately, the data on how Digital Signage affects sales, is starting to come in. Walmart reported across the board increases in all segments of their lines. And I don't even think they are as effective in their method as they could be (like not incorporating WVS!) It isn't hard to imagine how better display and motion-enhanced, changing sales and promo messages can have a huge impact on the selling/buying environment in retail.

So before you contact us, know your market, your segment, and how you plan to use WVS to make a profit for your clients. There is more to the potential than just a hardware sale.

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