Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ahead of the Game

Some ideas are just a wee bit ahead of their time.  If you're a techno-geek/gadget fan, if you scour Mashable daily for cool new technology breakthroughs and products, if you're always looking for the next new cool thing, then you already know this:  Technology always far outstrips the marketplace's willingness or ability to adopt.  That may never have been truer than today, with a worldwide recession keeping a damper on things, at the same time as unprecedented tech advances continue to come around the bend.

This blog being about DOOH generally, and Window Video Systems (projected digital signage) in particular, I am pleased to announce that the reasons why WVS has not caught on faster in the retail space are starting to disappear.  Sheer unfamiliarity is the least of these, and the proliferation of screens of all types being used for display has blown that one away.  But for WVS, one big problem has been cost of ownership (projectors aren't cheap, and they're not cheap to maintain when you want to run them 24/7 or even daily.)

A constant stream of upgrading projectors is addressing this, with smaller and smaller projectors getting brighter and brighter.  Costs are likewise coming down.  Most importantly, new projection lamp technologies are directly affecting the issue of lamp life and/or lamp replacement, for the better.

Another issue has been a general lack of expertise in terms of creation, deployment and management of content for WVS systems designed for retail use.  This is also an area where costs have been somewhat prohibitive for higher-effect content look and execution.  I can happily report that Looknglas is bringing increasing expertise and flair to the content creation and management issue.  Better method, as well as efficiencies are on the way.

What this means is, Window Video Systems for retail are more easily available in terms of cost, price and content creation/management than ever before, by a significant increment.  Bottom shelf pricing of systems, attainable by even the humblest retailers, will be a welcome development for the retail sector, and should contribute to a continuing transformation of retail display, messaging, and customer experience.

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