Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Thursday, August 30, 2012

POS Engagement

Customer experience, featuring interactivity (most commonly touch) is the coming thing in the retail industry.  And rightly so.

Brick and mortar retail has the advantage over online retail in that they can provide a superior experience.  After all, online can only provide so much, and all of it "virtual".  But brick and mortar can provide "real" and people are hungering for ever more "real" experiences.  Actual engaging interaction at the Point Of Sale (POS) is a huge distinction and advantage that the brick and mortar store can offer. Apple stores, Microsoft stores, AT&T's new interactive store, and even places like Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops are all great examples of retail POS engagement.  The places that do it really well are destinations.  You love going there.  They keep it real and relevant.

Digital Signage can assist greatly in this POS engagement.  Text campaigns, QR campaigns, Social Media campaigns, even simple signage promo campaigns that drive the viewer to interact in some distinct way with the store, its product or its personnel are all strategies that need to be employed via digital signage.  Please don't stop with mere signage messaging; get that powerful DS or DOOH system working to engage people, especially customers, to add value, to enhance that vital (personal) business relationship.  Every personal interaction you create enhances the relationship in so much more powerful a way than a "like" or a share.

You have the tools; step out of the box, figuratively and literally.  Work on new ways to use your DS, especially Window Video Systems, to engage!

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