Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Driving the Dealership: Pre-conditioned Customers

Car buyers are more informed these days. Everybody knows that. But informed is not necessarily "warmed". You need buyers on the lot who are not just interested, but "hot" for the product. Motivated. Want what you have. So how do you get from "informed" to "Hot to buy"?

Auto brands invest a great deal in that proposition. Most TV ads are aimed at that very effect. The goal of making your brand and product attractive and desirable is a huge part of the Auto Industry's marketing efforts. And the dealership site, look, and ambience is one of the last links in that marketing chain that leads to the sale. Best, for your salespeople, to have warm, preconditioned, positive prospective customers on the lot than suspicious, defensive, belligerent ones.

So the Window Video System (WVS) by Looknglas is a strong way to do that. Here's a real world example: We have a Toyota dealership that uses WVS. The first thing they did was park a new model vehicle below the Digital Window (WVS) that was showing a Toyota "walk through" video of that new model. So every customer that approached the front door of that dealership not only saw the new model in front, but was drawn into the potential ownership experience by that Digital Window display directly above the vehicle. Customers were already taking a tour of the vehicle, its interior, features, and benefits before they ever spoke to the salesperson! They were already in the "sales" process! Awesome! Brilliant. And from a marketing perspective, essential.

The salesperson, consequently, was able to be speaking with an informed and involved customer; a very key distinction. Any salesman with any experience knows the immense value of a prospective customer who is already mentally "trying on" your product. You are way down the road to the close at that point.

WVS will warm up the selling environment in the dealership space. When you add to that, the ability to message Direct selling promos and messages, at the point of purchase, you create for your dealership and sales staff, much better selling and closing opportunities. That goes directly to ROI! Point of purchase Direct Marketing is one of the very best uses for Window Video Systems.

The Window of Opportunity is here.

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