Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Friday, August 5, 2011

Revitalizing Retail

For the last three years, brick and mortar retailers have been up against it. With this ridiculous double-dipping economic recession, combined with increasing competition from online retailers, and consumers spending less, it has been tough, tough, tough.

Retail needs a shot in the arm.

Window Video Systems (WVS) in the form of Digital Windows and especially, Digital Mannequin, represent a watershed opportunity to put a lot of excitement back into the shopping experience.

"Live" models, directly on the glass, there one moment, gone the next, replaced with an in-the-moment sales promo message, offer, or text coupon offer.

WVS does, attraction, display, direct marketing, store hours, whatever type of message the retailer needs. The ability to change you message right on the front of your store, as many times as you wish, is here. Posters? Passe. LCD screens? Got a tv at home. Mannequins? Missed that.

But color, moving images right on the window glass? Awesome, intriquing, irresistable. When designers and retailers realize they can do a mini-fashion show right on the chains' storefront windows, all across the chain, it will revolutionize the mentality of display. Get ready for the fun, and get ready to start making more money. WVS by Looknglas: the Window of Opportunity is Here.

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