Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Monday, February 1, 2010

Retail Display

There are all kinds of ways people do retail display. Window displays, signs, posters, neon signs, Digital signage, LCD screens, video walls, mannequins, product racks, on and on and on. Most of them aren't very exciting in their execution, which of course, is more critical even, than the medium itself. But if you don't have a good medium, your method suffers, and your message gets hurt even worse: mangled, strangled, tangled, dissed, missed, lost, tossed, and all at great cost. People just won't consider your message if it isn't executed well, and DELIVERED well.

That's why we came up with Window Video Systems. For many years people would plaster posters or banners in their business windows, or sometimes, even paint their windows. Many car dealerships and other retailers still do this. Boy, talk about cheesy. But if the message is right enough, or motivating enough, it will overcome the cheesy delivery system and method.

But Hey, this is 2010---why live with Cheesy if you don't have to?

Window Video Systems put your business message right on the glass of your storefront window. Amazing. Awesome. Cool. Interesting. Attractive. Eye-catching, attention-grabbing, flat-out better. Moving, changing messages on your window. MOVING. CHANGING.

Get it? You are able to do a much better job of conveying your message to potential customers. Imagine being able to display every single item in your inventory, right in your window on a rotating basis!

Window Video Systems use rear projection, video, wireless, the internet, digital signage control, and various other elements to accomplish this, but the end result is that now your business can display product and messages, large scale, on a changing basis, with movement, color and sizzle right on your storefront. Why wouldn't you want that?!!!

Imagine, a Digital Mannequin? Yeah, actual live-looking models modeling clothing, accessories, and other products right in the storefront window. Oh, hey! We have that on our website! Did I mention it's affordable?

As a retail, signage, digital signage, advertising professional, you need to know about Looknglas Window Video Systems. Message us, call us, or check out Looknglas' Youtube videos.

Attention Investors: We are interested in the right "Angel Investor" relationship.

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