Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is a Window Video System?

In a nutshell, a Window Video System (WVS) is a system, typically, rear projection, whereby a business can display moving images directly onto window glass. Another way to describe it is, what if your posters or banners which hang in your windows, could change their messages? What if the messages could move?

The power and effectiveness of that type of signage and messaging would be enormous. It is many times more powerful and effective than static signs, posters or banners. It is much more attention grabbing than digital readouts. It is even much more exciting and interesting, more attention-grabbing, than LCD screens which have become popular in businesses.

We use projectors, strategically mounted to project images on window panes, which have been specially treated. Then we use digital players, activated by a programmed timer, and fed images and video data via digital signage control systems over the internet. This allows us to load images and messages, and manage and control them remotely. Lastly, we provide video/signage graphics, production, and management services.

There is no one out there, that we know of, besides Looknglas WVS, who is doing this.

The advantages are significant.

Businesses can message LARGER. (Large LCD screens are prohibitively costly.)
Businesses can message MORE. You are limited primarily by the hours in the day.
Businesses can message BETTER. Messages, phrases, sales incentives, discounts, images, product education, etc. call all be accomplished in real time with the one system.
Businesses can message in MORE DEPTH.
Businesses can CHANGE MESSAGES QUICKLY. This is simply a matter of planning, or close communication with the management team.
Businesses can DISPLAY MORE EFFECTIVELY. Imagine being able to display all of your inventory!

In fact, Window Video Systems are virtually infinitely superior to traditional signage methods.

When Business figures out these advantages there will be a rush to implement WVS. Fortunately, even as we speak, component pricing are dropping quickly, which makes WVS even more cost effective relative to LCD technology.

WVS is the future of Signage.

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