Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Screens on the Machines

By now you've grown accustomed to the screens at the gas pump.  Old news.  But for DOOH people, good news.  The premise is screens in high traffic areas for the purpose of creating advertising opportunities, and cash flow.  I personally have not been a fan of the screens on the gas pumps so far, because the messages I have seen are useless and irrelevant to me.

But what if those messages were actually INDISPENSIBLE?!!!  What if they provided me with essential information?  Not weather, not a promo for a tv program, or some other lame thing.  But something really important and relevant to me?  Then I would probably be interested in a heartbeat.  The point is not the screens or the gas pumps.  The point is the CONTENT.  The Message!

I am certainly not the first to beat this drum, and I won't be the last, but I will beat this drum nonetheless!  DOOH has so much potential to drive traffic and sales.  To promote. To inform.  To sell.  As DOOH providers we need to be more strategic about what we allow on our networks and our screens.  I understand the need to get money in the door, but let's push for something more.  Let's strategize engagement, and interactivity.

I work with a provider of content, Phase 3 Digital, that create and strategically distribute content and campaigns.  We have recently brought a network of phone banks in airports online, with the first 2 of many airports, Denver and Palm Springs.  Instead of pay phones, these phones provide free calls in the US and Internationally.  But each phone also has a digital screen with sale-able content, as well as 5 buttons for direct connect to any client.  In other words, a car rental agency can buy one of the buttons. Or a ticket company, etc.  So the air passenger is walking along and needs to make a call but his cell phone is dead.  He can charge his phone at this phone station while he makes a free call, and as he does so, he is facing a screen showing ads for hotels, events, destinations, offers, etc.

Bingo.  Automatic engagement.  Direct connection.  Target audience.  This is exactly the type of indispensible opportunity that DOOH must offer.

By the way, advertisers, the very first day online 2,000 people made calls on those phones!

We are also working with a vending machine company whose machines all feature video screens.  Same thing:  the viewer has an immediate engagement opportunity.  Powerful.

Gas pumps.  Airport phones.  Vending machines.  Store windows.  Get the message out, and get engaged.