Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving the Auto Dealership

Car dealers, like most everybody, are down lately. This darn recession isn't going away anytime soon, and a significant chunk of their market has been taken away from them. Still a lot of people out there buying cars, but not enough to go around and keep everyone fat and happy.

Competition is fierce for the attention, for the interest, for the "mindshare" of the buyers that are there. Your product has to be good, your people have to be good, and your dealership has to look even better.

Window Video Systems (WVS) by Looknglas take the dealership experience to a whole new level. Light up your windows with your product images in color and motion. Remind customers of your features and benefits. Entice them with your offers and promos. Affirm them in their decision to consider and buy your cars. These days, it's not just about good product or salesmanship, it's about the experience. Digital Windows, Digital Banners, Digital Posters, even Digital Mannequins and Digital Salespeople can and will add to the intrigue and excitement of the sales environment. There are few products more technologically sophisticated than a new car; Window paint, posters, and floppy inflatable men don't do the product justice.

Window Video Systems in Auto Dealerships make for a more enjoyable, and successful, sales environment. With some studies showing Digital Signage increasing point of purchase sales by as much as 170%, Widow Video Systems are an investment that can provide significant Return on Investment and increased profitabiity.