Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Digital Banner Great for Large In-Store Messaging

Change. Didn't someone win election to the most powerful office in the world recently on that premise?

Change truly is powerful. The ability to change, add to, alter, and enhance your message is extremely powerful.

This is the essential power of Window Video Systems (WVS) particularly, the Digital Banner. The advantages are:

Changing Message

The Digital Banner enlivens an entire room or store. Everyone in the store can see what the store wants them to know. Essential to a delivery system like this is to use it to message effectively to promote buying. Retailers will need to become more comfortable with using their signage more assertively in this way. But Digital Banners, Digital Posters, Digital Mannequins and Digital Window Displays will completely transform retail in-store display and marketing. There is no better time or place to message to customers than at the point of purchase.

The Window of Opportunity is here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting the Buy

Wouldn't it be great if you could just get people to "Buy"?

That is the dream and objective of Marketing. So many are lost in the process of marketing, where things like social networking and online marketing strategies become ends in themselves.

Real business people (that is, people who are accountable for sales and profit) prioritize "the Buy". That's where the action (and the money) is.

But you can't go from zero to "Buy". These are the steps any buyer goes through before they become a buyer:
1. Awareness
2. Interest
3. Motivation
4. Decision
5. Action
6. And finally, TRANSACTION, or "BUY".

TV is indirect. Radio is indirect. Online is mostly indirect. Social networking and social media is indirect. Direct mail is mostly indirect. Print is indirect.

Window Video Systems, (like the Digital Mannequin,) on the storefront window, and inside the store, are Direct. They are a messaging medium at the Point of Purchase. They allow the business to take a potential customer from steps 1 through 6 all at once, in just a few moments. From unaware to BUY in seconds.

That is the power of Window Video Systems by Looknglas. You move a potential customer from unaware to BUY in seconds.

That is enormous marketing power in one affordable system. That's why we say,
The Window of Opportunity is Here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Window Video Systems Work

We're getting more and more questions about Window Video Systems (WVS), (especially Digital Mannequin,) and how they work.

In the broad strokes, WVS is rear projection (but not always.) Window glass will not hold a projected image. When you shine a light, it goes right through the glass. So a treatment or special pane or screen is required, which will hold your projected image.

Many factors can and will affect the Digital Window displays, so the correct specifications are critical. The type of screen, size, brightness, components, install and integration, ambient lighting, content and marketing message, are all factors. And that doesn't even scratch the surface.

It is always exciting to see a window light up like a giant lcd screen (without the associated cost,) and convey advertising and marketing messages effectively. "Effectively" is the key word here.

People want a widget; a silver bullet that does everything and solves everything, and costs next to nothing. WVS are not widgets. They must be tailored to each situation and use.

Looknglas makes the medium affordable and easy to use. Entry level systems are comparable in price to large LCDs.

Customers don't go to your business to watch headlines, weather, or even music videos. Looknglas Window Video Systems, designed to convey images and messages that produce traffic, sales, and profit, are a bargain compared with most commercial LCDs. Customers have TVs at home, and they have mobile phones; they can get all that stuff there. What they want to know is what they should buy from you and why, so you have to illustrate that and convince them to buy. That's what WVS and Digital Mannequin do.

Looknglas approaches your install from the standpoint of making your WVS install do what you want it to. We pay close attention to the technical implementation, but we also prioritize the effectiveness of the content. Without the focus on effective use for marketing and sales promotion, any system will become another piece of technology that underperforms. Gadgets are cool. Results are cooler.

Window Video Systems by Looknglas: The Window of opportunity is here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"AND" Is The Enemy

In advertising, the word "AND" is very popular. But it needs to be put to death.

Advertisers always want to tell you something more, besides their core message. The temptation is overwhelming.

When all you have is a short-form message, dropped into the middle of some other type of content, the advertiser feels rushed, forced into cramming so much into so little time, that "AND" becomes the means to getting it all in before your time is up. Which of course, makes it sound that way to the listener.

Unfortunately, those types of ads don't work very well. Every new element added to the original message, increases the liklihood that the listener or viewer forgets what came before. And voila! Suddenly you've managed to make your message UN-MEMORABLE.

"AND" may seem like your messaging friend, but in short-form advertising, it's actually your worst enemy. It always drags the target audience away from the core message! If whatever preceeded "AND" was not your core message, then it likely shouldn't have been in there at all.

So I have always advised clients to pick one powerful, compelling, trackable message and push it hard.

Until now.

Window Video Systems are an exception. Each message is its' own campaign, and can be repeated as frequently as desired, right at the point of purchase.

Hallelujah! Unlimited messaging, AND repetition, right at the point of purchase! Window Video Systems (WVS) enable advertisers to ATTRACT customers, INTEREST customers, MOTIVATE them, and MOVE them TO ACTION all at the point of purchase, and then REPEAT. Digital Mannequin is a great example; the DM catches the eye, interests them, and can then be followed by product info and offers. Properly implemented, WVS will produce TRAFFIC, SALES and PROFIT. All by activating and existing under-utilized asset: the storefront window. Wow!

The Window of Opportunity really is here.