Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Customer Experience, Stupid!

20 years ago or so, Dick Morris reputedly uttered the famous words to a campaigning Bill Clinton, "It's the economy, stupid!"

Something similar, albeit a little more complex, could be said to retailers the world over.

Online retailing has certainly changed the retail game, but brick and mortar retailers still have the opportunity to flex their power over online purchasing via the age-old method:  Customer experience.

It's the Customer Experience, stupid!

Hellooo retailers!  Are you listening?  There are 4 other senses to address, to sell, besides just visual, and sometimes audio (online.)  There are taste, touch, smell, and the overall sensory experience of being in the modern marketplace.  People still want to have more than just a "virtual experience".  That has been proven in spades, vis a vis, Apple stores.

You have the advantage, the upper hand!  Use what's at your disposal:  DOOH, in all its forms.
Lots of talk is swirling around mobile, and mobile commerce, but DOOH is a medium that can tie other media together, such as mobile and online.  It can, and should, all integrate.  There is far more than just putting LCD screens, or video walls, or interactive projected displays to work.  Far, far more.  Use your locations, and your DOOH to drive traffic, to introduce new selling propositions, to drive mobile (QR, and especially text coupons, offers and promos.)

Adoption comes in fits and starts.  DOOH must continue to make itself more retail-available.  This means both pricing and ease of implementation, management, everyday use.

Being very self-serving, I offer window video systems as a great example.  Messages, writ large, directly on the front window, displaying and then offering a sales proposition.  Intriguing, and then enticing (text coupons, POS promo offers.)  So much is available, so many possibilities.  Get with a strategic integrator and get your strategy going.  The ability to drive traffic and measurable ROI is here, and it can be very cost effective.  The only time DOOH fails in terms of ROI, is when the objectives are not clearly defined, and the method for achieving ROI not executed well.

If you have a great selling proposition, get it up there on DOOH and watch the sales in your brick and mortar store climb!  DOOH allows the power and flexibility to create both an intriguing customer experience, and a satisfying purchasing experience as well.  Combining the two is the key to the coming brick and mortar retail revival.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Transparency is Power

"Transparency is Power".

Some people might dispute that, and say that secrecy is power, but I digress.  What I am talking about is in a Display sense.  This video shows a really nice piece of technology by Samsung that is a transparent LCD screen.  When place in front of a product it allows messaging about that product while keeping the product itself front and center.

Great concept!  Super cool looking, intriguing, and if you put the right information and inducement on that screen, you'll sell a lot of whatever product is behind it.

Of course, this is what projected digital signage does for you as well, except it's more "green" and can go larger than the display screen this video depicts.  Probably a lot less money too.  But putting your display and sales messages directly on your display window in conjunction with the product display provides a layer of communication and potential interaction that is epic.  Display is becoming more and more about interactivity.  Interaction is what makes your relationship to customers "sticky".  Get in the dialogue.  The technology is there, and Window Video Systems (WVS) are very affordable and very available, and very flexible.

Be more transparent.  Get the look.  Get the content.  Get the interactivity.  The window of opportunity is here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't Send a Boy to do a Man's Job

There is an old proverb that says that sending a message by the hand of a fool is like cutting off your own feet.

This is equally true when you blindly trust your messaging (digital signage content) to whoever, delegating to a third-party service or a lower-level employee, leaving that all-important strategic job to someone with no vested interest or motivation for the profit-producing necessity of your message.

Your message is what people will think of you.
Your message is all people know about what you want them to do.
Your message (including your display) is the primary information a prospective customer has, in order to make a buying decision!

Why would you delegate that?  The classic thing business people do is to neglect their message, in favor of "getting things done".  Well, you ain't gonna get much done without customers buying, and they're not going to buy unless you convince them with your message in all its facets.

When I walk through a mall, or surf online, I want to know why I should buy.  I want to know what you're offering.  I want to know what's better about your product, or offer.  I want to know if you know what you're doing or if you're fly-by-night.  I want to know what kind of value I'm getting.  I want to know what's in it for me.

Too often, when you delegate your company messaging, those questions don't get answered, and then you don't sell as much, or make as much, because you delegated your messaging to someone who doesn't understand or value your priorities.

Digital Signage ISN'T ABOUT THE HARDWARE, the screens, the software, the brightness, etc.  Those are all important, but only in that they are a part of delivering YOUR MESSAGE effectively!  If you use DS or DOOH, then watch your messaging carefully, measure it, and revise it, hone it, until it performs.  Watch it like a hawk, and use it to produce measurable results!  Devise a method (I'm not telling you to run out and buy more equipment or software) for tracking, measuring, and understanding the results of your display system.  DS and DOOH are money-making machines when properly implemented.

Your DS messaging is a job that, if you do delegate it, you must oversee carefully and demand a result from.  DS and DOOH are extremely powerful tools, but make sure they are used to the effect you desire.

We advocate a direct selling proposition and call to action, the result of which can be tracked exclusively to your DS or DOOH display, and measured.  For example, if you provide a text coupon, be sure that it is tracked accurately.  Don't just throw a video loop on there and forget about it.  Make sure that message looks how it is supposed to look, gets where it is supposed to go, and does what you intend it to do.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Interactive Display? Show Me the Money!!!

I don't usually refer other blogs or articles, but I read one (link below) that I thought was so on-point, I had to talk about it.  
It would appear that “Interactive” has too often become a euphemism for “silly, game/entertainment related touch-screen based display”.  
Lots of people will tell you “Interactive needs to be engaging.”  That is very true, but it is also very much a potential trap, because “engaging” is a subjective term.  It would appear that implementers of so much "interactive" seem to lose sight of a bottom-line business imperative: making money.  I know, that sounds so crass, so unimaginative.  Well, it’s really important to the people who pay for this stuff.
Interactive DOOH has got to “grow up” as the author of the article below says, and prove it’s money making, ROI-producing chops.  It is the key to getting a lot more business in the future for yourself and for your client.  It's not just about the coolness of the hardware, or the coolness or "fun" of the design concept, it's about how does this make the client money?  Just because you lured a few people into playing your stupid game, or dancing, does NOT mean you succeeded at any type of business objective.  Getting people to play games on your window has NOTHING to do with making a profit.  And your clients will not continue to pay for "Interactive" that does not in any way lead to profit.
Any Interactive display on or in a business should be somehow directly related to getting that person or the people watching to BUY SOME PRODUCT!  As a direct marketer for my entire professional career, I can tell you:  Clients will not continue to purchase something which they do not believe somehow leads to them making more money.  ROI is the driving force, today more than ever.  When DOOH (and especially, Interactive) demonstrates that ability clearly and consistently, we win the game. (And make more money.)

Flat-out, plain and simple, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!”
Article URL:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where's the DR in DS?


Someone forgot to put an "R" in "DS" or "DOOH"!

"R" as in "RESPONSE".  We all know that the purpose of DOOH is to communicate more effectively to target audiences where they are---out in the marketplace.  Lots of attention has been paid to "communicate", but more attention could be paid to "effectively".  Doing that requires a focus on measurable campaigns, calls to action, and selling proposition.  DOOH is a fantastic media, but it will become more and more dominant as the numbers come in on effectiveness.  And focusing on measurable response provides you the numbers and justification for your selling efforts.

Make sure that when you pitch your solution you recommend Direct campaigns, along with all the other wonderful things your solution can do.  It is the key to selling non-marketing-oriented decision makers.  Return on investment is a critical component to good business decision making, so be sure to at least have some hypothetical examples of return on investment for your target client.

For example, if you have an automotive dealership client who makes $600 per sale of their mid-range model, then give him an example of a campaign designed to sell mid-range models and how many it will take to pay for your system and show profitability.  Seems obvious, I know, but people tend to get excited about the technology, and sometimes forget to build some strong ROI-based financial justification into the sale.  Equally important, once the sale is made, work hard to get the client to use their DOOH for Direct Selling or Direct Response campaigns, where they can measure effectiveness.  If you don't produce marketing content for your solution, hook up with a quality marketing-savvy content provider, and offer that service.  It will build value, profitability for you, and a more satisfied, long-term client.  And if you need a referral for content, give me a shout.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Kid in the Window

I walked past a children's clothing store recently, and was amused to see a life-sized image of a really cute little kid right on the storefront window, at floor level.  The effect was excellent.  It was an excellent photographic applied with vinyl, which we have all seen, but they did a really nice job with the look, finish, and placement.

There was only one thing missing:  That image was static---it just sat there.

How much better and more captivating, more attractive, if that little kid were bouncing up and down, waving, acting the way funny little kids act?  And how much better if that "live" image could also include an offer, superimposed with motion graphics, that made that kid's outfit available and affordable to you right now?

That is what Window Video Systems do.

This example doesn't include any offers because it is not really a commercial or even a sign, but it's a heck of an attention grabber.  It's funky, interesting, and face it, the kid can dance.  Imagine if they were actually trying to sell something!

We are in the process of testing images and taking proposals right now for various types of displays for select companies.  If you are in retail merchandising, marketing, or design, (particularly clothing,) we'd like to talk with you about your planned display.  The Window of Opportunity is here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commercials on Your Storefront Window 2

In the above video showing a window video system displaying in a retail store, the images are varied, high impact, eye-catching, and brand-centric.  They create intrigue, they promote specific product, they display.  In particular, notice the close up shots of the window videos towards the end of this video sample.

If you're going to run "commercials" on your storefront window, what will that message be?  Will it feature product shots?  Will it feature models interacting with the product?  Do you intend to incorporate audio, or visual only?  Still shots, or full motion video?  Type messages?  Graphics?  CG Animation?

What will the purpose of your commercial be?  Display?  Information, usage?

Putting together a successful commercial for your window videos should take some planning and attention to production values and quality execution.  Simple type-based messages, graphics and still shots may be a good way to start.  More sophisticated motion images using models, lighting, etc. will require more expertise and budget.

The better the effect of the imagery, the better the potential effect on creating traffic and sales.  Think about how you can use video, type, still photos and graphics to better attract customers, and give them a reason to come into your store.

Window Video Systems put the power of messaging that used to belong only to the largest corporations, directly in your hands, and directly on your storefront.  At Looknglas, we provide all of the above for you so that you don't have to be a graphics or video expert to have a really exciting window commercial.   The window of opportunity is here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Important is "Easy" Content?

Everybody likes great-looking content.  It's fun, interesting, adds a little spice to life and to the experience.

Management loves effective content.  Prove-able ROI is a powerful thing.  Just knowing your message is producing sales is a wonderful feeling for a small business owner or company manager.

When you get great-looking and effective in the same package, it's approaching Digital Signage Messaging Nirvana.  But the next level of Nirvana might be, "Easy to Use".

That sounds nice, but tough to attain, alongside the first two.  So, I've got a question:  How important is Easy to Use?

As a retailer thinking about using projected Digital Signage (Window Video Systems) on your storefront, if you were to purchase such a system:

Would you want to create your own messages?
Produce your own images?
Would you want a selection of images from which you could choose?

Or would you want someone else to do that for you?

What is your "ideal" Signage Message "method"?  Do-it-yourself, or have the professionals handle it?  Please comment.  Thanks!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Job, Jobs

The world acknowledges and mourns the passing of one of the most influential human beings (in terms of business, communications, entertainment and productivity) in history: Steve Jobs.

Much has been said about this remarkable man and his many accomplishments.  Many revere him and some revile him, but the fact remains that he transformed the way the entire world works.  His demand that technology be nice to look at, easy to use, and bottom-shelf in terms of accessibility (ok, well perhaps not always in terms of pricing) and elegant, set a standard for his own industry and many others.

He is lauded for his impact on computing, and particularly personal productivity and entertainment, but not enough credit is given for the sheer breadth of his impact:  the man transformed (and in some cases, co-opted) the music, movie and cellphone industries, and boosted productivity in many others.  And he was likely in the process of doing the same once again for tv.  Under his leadership, Apple was transformed into one of the largest businesses in the history of the world.

Absolutely incredible.  Farewell, Steve, we'll miss your impact.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Commercials on your Storefront Window

"Commercials" is a term often viewed negatively.  Understandable, when your favorite tv show is interrupted after less than 5 minutes by the same spot you just saw last commercial break, and the same one you saw in the break before that.

But commercials are good; for those of us in business, they are our friend, and when well done, they sell.  They move product.  They promote brand, they inform, they excite commercial activity, get people looking, trying, shopping, buying, buying, buying.  That's what we all need right now, right?  Commercial activity--commerce, transactions.

Yes, commercials are definitely our friends, and especially to those in retail.  Retail clothing cries out for, demands, commercials---well produced, interesting, curiosity inspiring, intriguing, motivating.  Life and business, without intrigue, would be bland indeed, and not very productive.  It's the intrigue, the interest, that keeps the spice in life and in business.  And buying (selling) is what really spices up business!

That's why you WANT a commercial on your storefront window.  Life-size, dynamic, in-your-face.  Digital signage is trying to get there, but it uses the same old "screen" format;  same old "tv" look.  Most retailers with LCD screens installed leave the shopper/viewer with the impression that they got someone to hook up a tv in their store.  Whoop-dee-doo.

Put it on the window!  Directly on the window glass!  Wow, now that is cool.  Look again at Digital Mannequin video Youtube, and the Oakley store video featuring Looknglas' Window Video System.  Projected commercials on glass are awesome, powerful, and will move people to buy when accompanied by the right sales proposition.  Window Video Systems by Looknglas:  get selling!  The Window of Opportunity is here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going Green Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about how Window Video Systems are "Green" in that they don't require posters or vinyl.  Think how many trees are used up by posters, and how much petroleum is used for vinyl signage.  Now I'm not the greenest guy on the planet, but I know these are important issues to many people, and especially to corporations and the government.

Window Video Systems just gained even more "Greenage":  We are using LED projectors now in many cases, which means, lower power consumption, far less heat production, longer lasting projectors due to fewer lamp exchanges, and best of all, lamps with no mercury!  Wait, no, even more best of all:  Lower price!  Let me say that again:

Low power consumption!
Less heat!
Lasts longer!
No paper waste!  (Or cost!)
No vinyl waste!  (Or cost!)
500% fewer lamp replacements!
No mercury!

I think I'm becoming more of a "greenie"!  The window of opportunity is here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Retail Explodes - A non-Virtual Experience

Some Brick and Mortar Retailers may decry the advance of online retailing. Sure, obviously, it cuts into their pie. And nobody likes someone else eating their pie.

But lift up your heads, brick and mortar people! You have advantages NO online retailers have! Like close up looks, touch, feel, trying on, trying out, opportunity for personal interaction... on and on and on. Sure you give away something in terms of convenience, and sometimes price.

But you have EXPERIENCE! And your online brethren (or competitors) cannot duplicate that. They are "virtual"---you are REAL. You have so many potential sensory and experiental advantages to offer. Use them! Create that ultimate, BETTER buying experience.

My belief is that when brick and mortar retailers figure out how to actually use available technology in a Direct Marketing way, that is, to SELL product, they will start to win back their mojo, and revitalize themselves. It's called re-inventing, and it's what we all have to do, or yield and die on the vine. We all have our day, and we all have our season, but if you want to extend beyond your heyday, you have to re-invent. Either attack the "virtual" with a better "actual", or use the virtual to your advantage.

THAT is what Window Video Systems are all about! WVS bring more experience to your customers, as well as bringing more of them into your store. But WVS is also a means of tying the virtual to the actual, referring people to websites they can access on their smart phone, offering "virtual" coupons, promos and incentives. Putting the in-store data right on the front window. There is so much power available to brick and mortar retailers, especially in the form of WVS. The Window of Opportunity is here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retail Explodes - The QR Revolution

QR Codes, those funky-looking square collection of black boxes in a jumble, are the latest in barcoding, designed to be scanned by a smartphone.

Helloooo, Retailers! The smartphone shopper is here to stay, and they are using their phone to gather data, do comparison shopping, download coupons, and many other things related to BUYING product. This is a major opportunity for you---don't miss it!

What does this have to do with Window Video Systems, Digital Mannequins and Digital Signage? Just about everything.

When you display something really compellingly, you want a way to immediately engage the potential customer. That awesome dress, top, or ensemble can be theirs right now, at 10% off, just by scanning this QR code that you see next to the Digital Model showing off the clothes! Research shows that a significant percentage of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, in the moment. That is where you can use the QR code, projected directly on your storefront to draw them in, make an offer, entice them to engage, to try out, to buy one and get the second for half off, whatever the promo, once your Window Video System display grabs their eyeballs, you draw them in with your offer. The intrigue, the advantage, the savings are irresistable! Hallelujah! Retail is alive and well, in fact, more interesting and more fun than online shopping. Oh, heck yeah. Your window of opportunity is here.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Retail Display - About to Explode

‎"Content is King" is a popular catch phrase these days. What does it mean?

It means, it's not the tool you have, it's what you do with it. Walk through the mall and look in the windows, and you'll see what I mean. Some displays are truly intriguing and interesting, attractive, but they don't jump out at you, because they are almost all done in the same manner, using the same kinds of media; mannequins, props, vinyl, lighting, printed cutouts, LCD screens (TV) etc. All familiar colors on the palette, so to speak.

The creative effort being put into retail displays is outstanding, and I believe retail display is on the verge of exploding, and Window Video will be the match. Window Video Systems are the new ingredient that will take retail display to a whole new level.

Merchandising/Display pros will take hold of this medium in a hurry when they realize it is not expensive, highly controllable, and virtually unlimited in terms of effects. Looknglas Digital Windows, Window Video Systems, and Digital Mannequins will do for Display what the Internet did for communications. Grandiose claim? Some of you Merchandising/Display pros just try it out. Get over here and play with this thing. You're not gonna want to go back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Directing Traffic in Retail

Someone once told me, "You can't steer a car that's not moving".
The same is true of driving retail traffic. You can't drive or increase traffic in your retail store, if you can't attract traffic in the first place.
Window Video Systems do both. Window Video Systems attract people's attention (a la, Digital Mannequin or other well crafted display concept,) and then potentially drive it using promo messages which can be integrated with the projected display or sequenced on the same screen. After all, your store window is your screen, or message billboard, if you will. Get your product up there! Get your best, most attractive offer front and center! Put another inside the store with a compelling USP. Retailers must be aggressive in this market, and WVS puts an immensely powerful tool at your disposal to aggressively attract and drive customers.
The Window of Opportunity is here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retail Display - The Never Ending Runway

If you could have a non-stop fashion show on your storefront window featuring your brand's clothing, and pricing/promo offers, what would that do to sales activity?

Fashion Shows are a big deal in the clothing design industry. What they design and innovate drives fashion, and trends, and eventually filters down to the retail level.

When Clothing Retailers realize that they have the same display power as a Fashion Show, with models, multiple outfits, and real-life display capability, it can transform their Display Method, and correspondingly their sales.

While everyone seems to focus on internet, online sales, mobile apps, social media, and a host of other buzzwords and indirect methods, putting the product front and center, as in, DIRECTLY ON YOUR STOREFRONT remains a paramount priority. Product that excites, motivates, and moves people to action, displayed in an exciting and motivating way, produces SALES!

Window Video Systems were created for this use and method. Attracting and driving traffic is the mission, WVS is the medium that creates distinctive, uniqueness and results. Am I sounding too salesy? Oh, gee, I'm sorry. But results are what your company is in business for, and Window Video Systems are a potent means to the bottom line. And a heck of a lot of fun to use and watch.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Retail Marketing After Dark

There's nothing better than a business marketing tool that works for you, even when you're not around. When the retail store closes, there is still traffic passing by that can and should be marketed to.

After hours, or night time, is prime time for using your storefront for marketing. Using a Window Video System (WVS) by Looknglas to animate and bring your storefront windows to life works BEST after dark. Better contrast, no competing with the internal store displays, reaching target audience even when the store is closed can make a huge difference. How about advertising tomorrow's sale? How about promoting your website or Social Media marketing site? How about inviting them to use their phone to download your mobile coupon? There are so many ways to use WVS after dark to continue to market and literally SELL your products.

What did Clapton say? "After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out!" You've got the brick and mortar location and that window space---use it to make money!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Revitalizing Retail

For the last three years, brick and mortar retailers have been up against it. With this ridiculous double-dipping economic recession, combined with increasing competition from online retailers, and consumers spending less, it has been tough, tough, tough.

Retail needs a shot in the arm.

Window Video Systems (WVS) in the form of Digital Windows and especially, Digital Mannequin, represent a watershed opportunity to put a lot of excitement back into the shopping experience.

"Live" models, directly on the glass, there one moment, gone the next, replaced with an in-the-moment sales promo message, offer, or text coupon offer.

WVS does, attraction, display, direct marketing, store hours, whatever type of message the retailer needs. The ability to change you message right on the front of your store, as many times as you wish, is here. Posters? Passe. LCD screens? Got a tv at home. Mannequins? Missed that.

But color, moving images right on the window glass? Awesome, intriquing, irresistable. When designers and retailers realize they can do a mini-fashion show right on the chains' storefront windows, all across the chain, it will revolutionize the mentality of display. Get ready for the fun, and get ready to start making more money. WVS by Looknglas: the Window of Opportunity is Here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Does IT Cost? (Part 2)

This is always one of the first questions. It's ok, it's a good question. Everybody wants to know that. But understanding the value behind the question is what should drive the discussion.

Having said that, (and assuaged my rational business mind, not wanting to be a guy who ignores the importance of creating, adding and promoting value,) I'm going to answer the question directly.

Sort of.

A Digital Window System (which is another way of saying WVS for storefront windows) with a screen size of 33"x44" runs $2,995.00 US. There, I said it. Now you can hopefully allow yourself to start asking the more important questions.

How will I use this? What type of messages will I run? How will I integrate this Digital Sign with my current marketing and Direct Advertising strategies? Can I integrate this into a local mobile strategy? Will I also use it for display? How to get/create images? Messages? These are the real issues. This system is an incredible marketing tool; think about all the ways you could use it to attract and engage and sell to customers. Then the price will start to make more sense. There is nothing more important than a business tool that directly helps you make money, and that is the purpose and mission of Window Video Systems by Looknglas.

Driving the Dealership: Pre-conditioned Customers

Car buyers are more informed these days. Everybody knows that. But informed is not necessarily "warmed". You need buyers on the lot who are not just interested, but "hot" for the product. Motivated. Want what you have. So how do you get from "informed" to "Hot to buy"?

Auto brands invest a great deal in that proposition. Most TV ads are aimed at that very effect. The goal of making your brand and product attractive and desirable is a huge part of the Auto Industry's marketing efforts. And the dealership site, look, and ambience is one of the last links in that marketing chain that leads to the sale. Best, for your salespeople, to have warm, preconditioned, positive prospective customers on the lot than suspicious, defensive, belligerent ones.

So the Window Video System (WVS) by Looknglas is a strong way to do that. Here's a real world example: We have a Toyota dealership that uses WVS. The first thing they did was park a new model vehicle below the Digital Window (WVS) that was showing a Toyota "walk through" video of that new model. So every customer that approached the front door of that dealership not only saw the new model in front, but was drawn into the potential ownership experience by that Digital Window display directly above the vehicle. Customers were already taking a tour of the vehicle, its interior, features, and benefits before they ever spoke to the salesperson! They were already in the "sales" process! Awesome! Brilliant. And from a marketing perspective, essential.

The salesperson, consequently, was able to be speaking with an informed and involved customer; a very key distinction. Any salesman with any experience knows the immense value of a prospective customer who is already mentally "trying on" your product. You are way down the road to the close at that point.

WVS will warm up the selling environment in the dealership space. When you add to that, the ability to message Direct selling promos and messages, at the point of purchase, you create for your dealership and sales staff, much better selling and closing opportunities. That goes directly to ROI! Point of purchase Direct Marketing is one of the very best uses for Window Video Systems.

The Window of Opportunity is here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retail Display - Looking Through You 2

Sometimes I get so caught up in my brilliant thoughts that I omit some real important, real basic things.

This is one of those times.

In retail display it's important to remember why stores have windows; it's so people can see in, see display, see product. So, drafting off my last post, holographic Window Video Systems allow you to add signage, messaging and display in your window without necessarily sacrificing the purpose of the window itself; that is, to see through and get a sense for what's inside. Herein is part of the excitement of WVS: Messaging in "thin air". The passerby (potential customer) sees the window display, and then sees a message appear, and then disappear or change. Wow! Now you got their attention. Now's the time to sell them with your best sale item, promotion, USP.

Holographic store window displays: Caught you looking!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Retail Display - Looking Through You

"I'm looking through you..." so went the chorus line of a Beatles song. And it definitely applies in terms of the effect one is after when implementing a rear projection in the retail space.

Retail display is all about attraction, intrigue, hipness, enticement. It has to make you want the product. It has to promise more if you'll just come in the store.

That is why rear projection, and in particular, window video systems, are such a great starting point, and such a potentially powerful display tool. But once you decide it would be cool to have a moving image directly on your storefront window, then what? Do you need to have a solid, high-contrast image? Or would it be better to actually be able to see through the image?

Allowing for a digital image directly on the window glass, in essence, a digital window sign that can be seen through, could be the exact effect necessary, where there is a combination of actual product displayed, combined with the Digital Window effect.

Holographic means you have a sort of "ghostly", or see-through effect to the image. Granted, you lose some density with this approach, and you lose some viewing angle, but you gain a very distinct, subtle and surprising effect of having "animated" window glass.

This is markedly different from a more dense, high-contrast images requiring high-contrast window treatment that renders the glass opaque (usually charcoal gray.)

Holographics = surprise, intrigue and coolness. It's the "whoa, how'd they do that!!!" effect. And that can be a very powerful ally in point of purchase display. Now you've got them looking.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Integration: Mix and Match, Or...?

I've been getting questions about whether Looknglas systems can integrate with other systems or components.

Some have already invested in components, a screen here or there, and Digital control system, software or player. The question is basically coming from the standpoint, will this piece of hardware work with that one, or will this software control system work with those projection systems?

I guess the answer is, uhh, maybe.

The reality is that there are a great many components and software/hardware platforms out there. Digital Signage is a big fat generality. Theoretically, a lot of the stuff out there will work with a lot of the other stuff. You can't really know for certain about how anything works for or with anything else in a certain environment, for a given purpose, (with whatever content and look you envision,) until you evaluate and test. Assembling a Digital Signage or Display system isn't all that simple, because it's not just a gathering of technology hardware. Like with all serious business investments, a properly implemented system is a matter of goals and objectives, tailored specifically to the clients wants, needs and operating environment.

Digital Signage is really about your message, or how you want to communicate (talk) to your target audience. So you want to talk to them? Let's talk.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Driving the Dealership: Customer Experience

Auto Dealers are a real mixed bag. A walk around the dealership lot, showroom, and customer lounge will give you a pretty quick idea of their perspective on selling cars. The perspectives could be summed up as the two poles:
A. Who gives a crap? We'll shove our cars on you and squeeze you for as much as we can.
B. You are a valued customer who we feel privileged to serve, and we'd like you to come back and bring your family and friends.

Most dealers are somewhere between those two poles, but all the best dealers are closer to the second perspective. Customer service, and Customer Satisfaction are paramount to these auto professionals, and Customer Experience is an integral part of both.

You can't overemphasize the value of (good) Customer Experience. It begins with the very first contact and impression that your dealership makes on the customer. And continues throughout the process.

Window Video Systems by Looknglas, are an integral part of creating an exciting and reassuring experience for your customer, which increases the liklihood of a purchase, and cements the sale. Your brand produces so much content, and so much of it goes unnoticed, or worse, never even viewed. That is because the delivery systems are not adequate to the quantity and quality of those graphic messages. Still shots, type messages, and video, are all produced in abundance by the brands, but often poorly displayed at the dealership.

Window Video Systems put those images and messages right on the Windows of your dealership or showroom! Digital Windows displaying the same quality images the customer saw online, or in their favorite publication, the same selling propositions, create a continuity and credibility of the messages. That is, "Oh it really is true." That is enormous in securing the sale and the ongoing business of that customer. If they believe (in) you, they will do business, refer business, and come back for more.

Digital Posters, Digital Windows, even Digital Mannequins as initial sales greeters or presenters, will all create an impression of progressiveness, quality, intrigue, and excitement. And that's what you want in a customer, excitement, and anticipation. Window Video Systems may be the ultimate enhancement to the customer experience.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving the Auto Dealership

Car dealers, like most everybody, are down lately. This darn recession isn't going away anytime soon, and a significant chunk of their market has been taken away from them. Still a lot of people out there buying cars, but not enough to go around and keep everyone fat and happy.

Competition is fierce for the attention, for the interest, for the "mindshare" of the buyers that are there. Your product has to be good, your people have to be good, and your dealership has to look even better.

Window Video Systems (WVS) by Looknglas take the dealership experience to a whole new level. Light up your windows with your product images in color and motion. Remind customers of your features and benefits. Entice them with your offers and promos. Affirm them in their decision to consider and buy your cars. These days, it's not just about good product or salesmanship, it's about the experience. Digital Windows, Digital Banners, Digital Posters, even Digital Mannequins and Digital Salespeople can and will add to the intrigue and excitement of the sales environment. There are few products more technologically sophisticated than a new car; Window paint, posters, and floppy inflatable men don't do the product justice.

Window Video Systems in Auto Dealerships make for a more enjoyable, and successful, sales environment. With some studies showing Digital Signage increasing point of purchase sales by as much as 170%, Widow Video Systems are an investment that can provide significant Return on Investment and increased profitabiity.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selling WVS: Who to Leave Out

"This could work anywhere!"

It's tempting to think that way, very tempting. But probably fatal. Window Video Systems are cool, very cool.

And WVS will "work" in a large variety of venues and applications. But don't get greedy, and don't get wild. Find a niche you know, a niche whose needs you are very familiar with, where you have experience selling into, or for. Know that niche intimately, so you can USE WVS TO FILL THE NEED! That is where the money is. Not merely wowing a few diverse clients here and there. Know your chosen niche well, and develop your own ideas of how you would use WVS, particularly, to create PROFIT for your target client/user. How would you prove or demonstrate that PROFIT/return?

As mentioned in the previous post, the numbers on ROI/effectiveness of Digital Signage are coming in, and they are all good, baby. But it's up to you to know them and how they can apply to your chosen market, segment or niche.

So where do YOU think WVS will be successful? What market or segment are YOU expert in? Here are just some of the retail segments we like:

Auto Dealerships
Jewelry Stores
Retail Clothing
Design Studios
Hair Salons
Cellular Stores
Electronics/Appliance Stores

We could go on. Any large chain in any one of these segments would make a nice career. But you can't sell all of them, because no one can be really good at penetrating and effectively serving ALL those markets. So which do you leave out, and shich ONE would you choose?

Selling WVS: Know Your Market, Know Your Strengths

We have get inquiries from all over the world about our Window Video Systems: Digital Mannequin, Digital Windows, Digital Banners. Everybody loves WVS. Some think it's alchemy; some think anyone can do it. Some think the world will beat a path to their door if they can just secure the rights to market our proprietary systems in their country, region or niche.

WVS will transform messaging and display in the retail space in particular, but other venues as well. But understanding the strengths and limitations of WVS, where it works well and where it won't is essential to making money with WVS.

Remember, it's hardware, content, proper installation, and method. It's knowing the value and potential for Return on Investment that wins the game and makes money.

Launching a new media is not for the weak of heart.

Everybody likes what they see, but not many really understand exactly how it will benefit them, and when you are selling WVS, it's up to you to demonstrate that. Fortunately, the data on how Digital Signage affects sales, is starting to come in. Walmart reported across the board increases in all segments of their lines. And I don't even think they are as effective in their method as they could be (like not incorporating WVS!) It isn't hard to imagine how better display and motion-enhanced, changing sales and promo messages can have a huge impact on the selling/buying environment in retail.

So before you contact us, know your market, your segment, and how you plan to use WVS to make a profit for your clients. There is more to the potential than just a hardware sale.