Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Friday, August 26, 2011

Retail Display - About to Explode

‎"Content is King" is a popular catch phrase these days. What does it mean?

It means, it's not the tool you have, it's what you do with it. Walk through the mall and look in the windows, and you'll see what I mean. Some displays are truly intriguing and interesting, attractive, but they don't jump out at you, because they are almost all done in the same manner, using the same kinds of media; mannequins, props, vinyl, lighting, printed cutouts, LCD screens (TV) etc. All familiar colors on the palette, so to speak.

The creative effort being put into retail displays is outstanding, and I believe retail display is on the verge of exploding, and Window Video will be the match. Window Video Systems are the new ingredient that will take retail display to a whole new level.

Merchandising/Display pros will take hold of this medium in a hurry when they realize it is not expensive, highly controllable, and virtually unlimited in terms of effects. Looknglas Digital Windows, Window Video Systems, and Digital Mannequins will do for Display what the Internet did for communications. Grandiose claim? Some of you Merchandising/Display pros just try it out. Get over here and play with this thing. You're not gonna want to go back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Directing Traffic in Retail

Someone once told me, "You can't steer a car that's not moving".
The same is true of driving retail traffic. You can't drive or increase traffic in your retail store, if you can't attract traffic in the first place.
Window Video Systems do both. Window Video Systems attract people's attention (a la, Digital Mannequin or other well crafted display concept,) and then potentially drive it using promo messages which can be integrated with the projected display or sequenced on the same screen. After all, your store window is your screen, or message billboard, if you will. Get your product up there! Get your best, most attractive offer front and center! Put another inside the store with a compelling USP. Retailers must be aggressive in this market, and WVS puts an immensely powerful tool at your disposal to aggressively attract and drive customers.
The Window of Opportunity is here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retail Display - The Never Ending Runway

If you could have a non-stop fashion show on your storefront window featuring your brand's clothing, and pricing/promo offers, what would that do to sales activity?

Fashion Shows are a big deal in the clothing design industry. What they design and innovate drives fashion, and trends, and eventually filters down to the retail level.

When Clothing Retailers realize that they have the same display power as a Fashion Show, with models, multiple outfits, and real-life display capability, it can transform their Display Method, and correspondingly their sales.

While everyone seems to focus on internet, online sales, mobile apps, social media, and a host of other buzzwords and indirect methods, putting the product front and center, as in, DIRECTLY ON YOUR STOREFRONT remains a paramount priority. Product that excites, motivates, and moves people to action, displayed in an exciting and motivating way, produces SALES!

Window Video Systems were created for this use and method. Attracting and driving traffic is the mission, WVS is the medium that creates distinctive, uniqueness and results. Am I sounding too salesy? Oh, gee, I'm sorry. But results are what your company is in business for, and Window Video Systems are a potent means to the bottom line. And a heck of a lot of fun to use and watch.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Retail Marketing After Dark

There's nothing better than a business marketing tool that works for you, even when you're not around. When the retail store closes, there is still traffic passing by that can and should be marketed to.

After hours, or night time, is prime time for using your storefront for marketing. Using a Window Video System (WVS) by Looknglas to animate and bring your storefront windows to life works BEST after dark. Better contrast, no competing with the internal store displays, reaching target audience even when the store is closed can make a huge difference. How about advertising tomorrow's sale? How about promoting your website or Social Media marketing site? How about inviting them to use their phone to download your mobile coupon? There are so many ways to use WVS after dark to continue to market and literally SELL your products.

What did Clapton say? "After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out!" You've got the brick and mortar location and that window space---use it to make money!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Revitalizing Retail

For the last three years, brick and mortar retailers have been up against it. With this ridiculous double-dipping economic recession, combined with increasing competition from online retailers, and consumers spending less, it has been tough, tough, tough.

Retail needs a shot in the arm.

Window Video Systems (WVS) in the form of Digital Windows and especially, Digital Mannequin, represent a watershed opportunity to put a lot of excitement back into the shopping experience.

"Live" models, directly on the glass, there one moment, gone the next, replaced with an in-the-moment sales promo message, offer, or text coupon offer.

WVS does, attraction, display, direct marketing, store hours, whatever type of message the retailer needs. The ability to change you message right on the front of your store, as many times as you wish, is here. Posters? Passe. LCD screens? Got a tv at home. Mannequins? Missed that.

But color, moving images right on the window glass? Awesome, intriquing, irresistable. When designers and retailers realize they can do a mini-fashion show right on the chains' storefront windows, all across the chain, it will revolutionize the mentality of display. Get ready for the fun, and get ready to start making more money. WVS by Looknglas: the Window of Opportunity is Here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Does IT Cost? (Part 2)

This is always one of the first questions. It's ok, it's a good question. Everybody wants to know that. But understanding the value behind the question is what should drive the discussion.

Having said that, (and assuaged my rational business mind, not wanting to be a guy who ignores the importance of creating, adding and promoting value,) I'm going to answer the question directly.

Sort of.

A Digital Window System (which is another way of saying WVS for storefront windows) with a screen size of 33"x44" runs $2,995.00 US. There, I said it. Now you can hopefully allow yourself to start asking the more important questions.

How will I use this? What type of messages will I run? How will I integrate this Digital Sign with my current marketing and Direct Advertising strategies? Can I integrate this into a local mobile strategy? Will I also use it for display? How to get/create images? Messages? These are the real issues. This system is an incredible marketing tool; think about all the ways you could use it to attract and engage and sell to customers. Then the price will start to make more sense. There is nothing more important than a business tool that directly helps you make money, and that is the purpose and mission of Window Video Systems by Looknglas.

Driving the Dealership: Pre-conditioned Customers

Car buyers are more informed these days. Everybody knows that. But informed is not necessarily "warmed". You need buyers on the lot who are not just interested, but "hot" for the product. Motivated. Want what you have. So how do you get from "informed" to "Hot to buy"?

Auto brands invest a great deal in that proposition. Most TV ads are aimed at that very effect. The goal of making your brand and product attractive and desirable is a huge part of the Auto Industry's marketing efforts. And the dealership site, look, and ambience is one of the last links in that marketing chain that leads to the sale. Best, for your salespeople, to have warm, preconditioned, positive prospective customers on the lot than suspicious, defensive, belligerent ones.

So the Window Video System (WVS) by Looknglas is a strong way to do that. Here's a real world example: We have a Toyota dealership that uses WVS. The first thing they did was park a new model vehicle below the Digital Window (WVS) that was showing a Toyota "walk through" video of that new model. So every customer that approached the front door of that dealership not only saw the new model in front, but was drawn into the potential ownership experience by that Digital Window display directly above the vehicle. Customers were already taking a tour of the vehicle, its interior, features, and benefits before they ever spoke to the salesperson! They were already in the "sales" process! Awesome! Brilliant. And from a marketing perspective, essential.

The salesperson, consequently, was able to be speaking with an informed and involved customer; a very key distinction. Any salesman with any experience knows the immense value of a prospective customer who is already mentally "trying on" your product. You are way down the road to the close at that point.

WVS will warm up the selling environment in the dealership space. When you add to that, the ability to message Direct selling promos and messages, at the point of purchase, you create for your dealership and sales staff, much better selling and closing opportunities. That goes directly to ROI! Point of purchase Direct Marketing is one of the very best uses for Window Video Systems.

The Window of Opportunity is here.