Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing

Digital Mannequin for Retail Clothing
Use a "live" model, display more views and more product

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Kid in the Window

I walked past a children's clothing store recently, and was amused to see a life-sized image of a really cute little kid right on the storefront window, at floor level.  The effect was excellent.  It was an excellent photographic applied with vinyl, which we have all seen, but they did a really nice job with the look, finish, and placement.

There was only one thing missing:  That image was static---it just sat there.

How much better and more captivating, more attractive, if that little kid were bouncing up and down, waving, acting the way funny little kids act?  And how much better if that "live" image could also include an offer, superimposed with motion graphics, that made that kid's outfit available and affordable to you right now?

That is what Window Video Systems do.

This example doesn't include any offers because it is not really a commercial or even a sign, but it's a heck of an attention grabber.  It's funky, interesting, and face it, the kid can dance.  Imagine if they were actually trying to sell something!

We are in the process of testing images and taking proposals right now for various types of displays for select companies.  If you are in retail merchandising, marketing, or design, (particularly clothing,) we'd like to talk with you about your planned display.  The Window of Opportunity is here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commercials on Your Storefront Window 2

In the above video showing a window video system displaying in a retail store, the images are varied, high impact, eye-catching, and brand-centric.  They create intrigue, they promote specific product, they display.  In particular, notice the close up shots of the window videos towards the end of this video sample.

If you're going to run "commercials" on your storefront window, what will that message be?  Will it feature product shots?  Will it feature models interacting with the product?  Do you intend to incorporate audio, or visual only?  Still shots, or full motion video?  Type messages?  Graphics?  CG Animation?

What will the purpose of your commercial be?  Display?  Information, usage?

Putting together a successful commercial for your window videos should take some planning and attention to production values and quality execution.  Simple type-based messages, graphics and still shots may be a good way to start.  More sophisticated motion images using models, lighting, etc. will require more expertise and budget.

The better the effect of the imagery, the better the potential effect on creating traffic and sales.  Think about how you can use video, type, still photos and graphics to better attract customers, and give them a reason to come into your store.

Window Video Systems put the power of messaging that used to belong only to the largest corporations, directly in your hands, and directly on your storefront.  At Looknglas, we provide all of the above for you so that you don't have to be a graphics or video expert to have a really exciting window commercial.   The window of opportunity is here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Important is "Easy" Content?

Everybody likes great-looking content.  It's fun, interesting, adds a little spice to life and to the experience.

Management loves effective content.  Prove-able ROI is a powerful thing.  Just knowing your message is producing sales is a wonderful feeling for a small business owner or company manager.

When you get great-looking and effective in the same package, it's approaching Digital Signage Messaging Nirvana.  But the next level of Nirvana might be, "Easy to Use".

That sounds nice, but tough to attain, alongside the first two.  So, I've got a question:  How important is Easy to Use?

As a retailer thinking about using projected Digital Signage (Window Video Systems) on your storefront, if you were to purchase such a system:

Would you want to create your own messages?
Produce your own images?
Would you want a selection of images from which you could choose?

Or would you want someone else to do that for you?

What is your "ideal" Signage Message "method"?  Do-it-yourself, or have the professionals handle it?  Please comment.  Thanks!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Job, Jobs

The world acknowledges and mourns the passing of one of the most influential human beings (in terms of business, communications, entertainment and productivity) in history: Steve Jobs.

Much has been said about this remarkable man and his many accomplishments.  Many revere him and some revile him, but the fact remains that he transformed the way the entire world works.  His demand that technology be nice to look at, easy to use, and bottom-shelf in terms of accessibility (ok, well perhaps not always in terms of pricing) and elegant, set a standard for his own industry and many others.

He is lauded for his impact on computing, and particularly personal productivity and entertainment, but not enough credit is given for the sheer breadth of his impact:  the man transformed (and in some cases, co-opted) the music, movie and cellphone industries, and boosted productivity in many others.  And he was likely in the process of doing the same once again for tv.  Under his leadership, Apple was transformed into one of the largest businesses in the history of the world.

Absolutely incredible.  Farewell, Steve, we'll miss your impact.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Commercials on your Storefront Window

"Commercials" is a term often viewed negatively.  Understandable, when your favorite tv show is interrupted after less than 5 minutes by the same spot you just saw last commercial break, and the same one you saw in the break before that.

But commercials are good; for those of us in business, they are our friend, and when well done, they sell.  They move product.  They promote brand, they inform, they excite commercial activity, get people looking, trying, shopping, buying, buying, buying.  That's what we all need right now, right?  Commercial activity--commerce, transactions.

Yes, commercials are definitely our friends, and especially to those in retail.  Retail clothing cries out for, demands, commercials---well produced, interesting, curiosity inspiring, intriguing, motivating.  Life and business, without intrigue, would be bland indeed, and not very productive.  It's the intrigue, the interest, that keeps the spice in life and in business.  And buying (selling) is what really spices up business!

That's why you WANT a commercial on your storefront window.  Life-size, dynamic, in-your-face.  Digital signage is trying to get there, but it uses the same old "screen" format;  same old "tv" look.  Most retailers with LCD screens installed leave the shopper/viewer with the impression that they got someone to hook up a tv in their store.  Whoop-dee-doo.

Put it on the window!  Directly on the window glass!  Wow, now that is cool.  Look again at Digital Mannequin video Youtube, and the Oakley store video featuring Looknglas' Window Video System.  Projected commercials on glass are awesome, powerful, and will move people to buy when accompanied by the right sales proposition.  Window Video Systems by Looknglas:  get selling!  The Window of Opportunity is here.